What's that?

Are you an IoT device manufacturer? Then You are aware about how IoT security is becoming more and more important these days and how critical is to have a secure, hardened and "bug-free" system. In order to guarantee the security of new IoT devices before they are introduced in the market launched


The project aims to provide a complete security assessment of “ready to be launched” IoT products



Adhering to the project is completely free. Yes, correct,COMPLETELY FREE. You can get your device tested for FREE without paying anything.

The 4th Step

The fourth step is where we start the security assessment of the device and the interconnections around it. Few of our tests will focus on:

  • IoT device analysis based on the OWASP IoT Project:
    • Firmware extraction and analysis
    • Interfaces security assessment (UART,JTAG etc)
    • Integrated Web Panel Penetration Test
    • Network Security Assessment
    • Sensitive Data Exposure
    • Upload/Upgrade mechanisms
  • Mobile Application
    • Complete Mobile application penetration test based on the OWASP Mobile Top 10
  • Cloud Admin Interface
    • Complete Web Application Penetration Test based on the latest version of the OWASP Top 10

The 6th Step

The sixth step is optional and requires both parties to agree on the price of the service provided. Again, you can skip this step and have the complete reports with the list of the findings. Depending on the result of the test we recommend whether to take this step or not. During this phase our experts will help you identify where and how to improve.

We will work together in order to
  • Develope a complete threat model of the device ecosystem
  • Calculate risks and identify the critical parts to improve
  • Provide training to the staff (technical and non-technical)


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